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Ulyanovsk… So much sense is in this word… "City of seven winds". City, which every year grows and prospers, providing stable future for its descendants. One can't help loving this city, admiring its broad streets, gardens and parks, being delighted with its heroic past… And though there are a lot of beautiful cities in the world, Ulyanovsk is the most special among them. It welcomes guests friendly, it has nothing to hide, but it doesn't show off. In Ulyanovsk you can find corners, which have remained from ancient Simbirsk, narrow streets and low roofs of old buildings. But they don't form the appearance of present-day Ulyanovsk - large modern city, big industrial and culture center of the Middle Volga Region.

"Our country, our native land, our home", - so people of different ages, which were born here, call Ulyanovsk. Somebody remembers it carved and wooden, somebody knows the city only like many-storied, built up with modern buildings.

Culture life of Ulyanovsk - is a part of biography of whole Russia, its achievements in the fields of art, literature, philosophy. Among our countrymen are thousands of famous people: poets and writers, politicians and actors, sportsmen and art workers.

Historical facts and present-day fulfillments once more prove how rich and unique our land is. And there are many important discoveries, which will make ineffaceable vestige in descendants' memory and the name of Ulyanovsk will be put down in gold letters into the splendid history of Russian state…

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