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Athlete’s Day

On the 12th of August 2006 in Ulyanovsk in the square of the 100 anniversary of Lenin’s birthday took place the great sporting event — The Athlete’s Day.

S.I. Morozov, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region, made a solemn welcoming speech. Then, in the framework of this event, took place a parade of the combined team, of the Ulyanovsk region, which will represent our region on the 2nd Small Olympic games of the Volga federal district.



On the 9th of September 2006 photographers of Ulyanovsk, professionals and amateurs, took part in the Championship of Russia in Photo-Cross to the rank of the fastest and the most original photographer of Russia. In the competition took part 25 Ulyanovsk teams. It was suggested 10 subjects for photos, which should have been done for a certain time span. Then, it took the Jury 11 hours to select the best works!

So, the winners of Ulyanovsk local contest were determined, and for summing up of the Championship, grades of 581 teams in the category «Revelation» were sent to the Championship Headquarters. The company «Internet-Technology» was an informational sponsor, and also helped to organize the local championship. You can read about this event in details on the web-site


Festival of civil aviation

On the 18th to 20th of August in Ulyanovsk took place several events, dedicated to celebration of the Day of Russian Air Forces and the 30th anniversary of establishment of Ulyanovsk aviation and industrial complex. On the 19th of August took place the Open Day in the CJSC «Aviastar-SP». On the 20th of August was organized an enchanting air-show with demonstration flights of planes, gliders, model aircrafts and parachute jumpers. The jet airplane L—29 from Ulyanovsk air-club demonstrated aerobatics. Culmination of the air holiday was the flight over the field at low high on Tu-204 and then — pride of «Aviastar», the largest serial plane in the world — An-124-100 of «Volga-Dnepr» airline. Festive fireworks completed the holiday.


Singing metal

From the 10th to the 13th of August in Ulyanovsk took place the first International festival of blacksmith’s art «Singing metal». More than 80 masters of artistic forging from 15 Russian cities and CIS countries gathered at the festival.

The main event of the festival «Singing metal» was installation of a wind organ, which was made by blacksmiths for four days. Its creators haven’t heard the sound of this organ, because the day was windless and they didn’t install necessary strings. But this modern composition perfectly fitted in the city space. The unique characteristic of the wind organ is original autographs which were left on it by blacksmiths. Every one who took part in its creation forged the name of his city or forgery. So, the organ became a present for citizens of our city. Ulyanovsk citizens say that it is one of the best monuments of the city for the last ten years.


City Day

On the 12th of June - on its birthday - the city appears before Ulyanovsk citizens clean, renovated, and sparkling with happiness and hope for future prosperity. The City Day is an original symbol of the unity of different generations of Ulyanovsk citizens. This day is celebrated at the same time as the main state holiday - Independent Day of Russia; this is also a symbolic fact, because the history of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk is inseparably connected with the Russian history.


Goncharov's holiday

Every year the holiday in honor of I.A. Goncharov's birthday became more dimensioned, saturated with events and new ideas. It indicates that preparation to the 200-year anniversary of Goncharov birthday, which will be celebrated in 2012, was started. Organizers of the holidays try to show his life and work to the broad masses of Ulyanovsk citizens - from the youth to the pensioners. In "Vinnovskaya Roscha" park - the traditional place of holding of the holiday - that day the 19th century prevails.


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