The Volga river | Beaches
Central city beach

There is only one officially allowed place for swimming - it is a central city beach. Here are three swimming pools for children, benches and bathing-boxes, volleyball ground, life-guard station. Cafes and bars work at the beach territory. Entrance to the beach is free, cars are allowed.


Beaches at the Nizhnyaya (Low) Terrace

Beaches of the left-bank part which are situated in the parks of 40-years of VLKSM and Pribrezhny are natural. But people swim in the Volga and tan there. Moreover, from the left bank opens up a beautiful sight on the city and the Volga Bridge. In 2007 it's planned to open these beaches officially, which will promote their developing and convenience for citizens.


Beach on the Sviyaga River

For many years it's prohibited to swim in the Sviyaga. But every summer in hot weather there are many people who swim in its polluted water. Many of these swimmers are children. According to the data of the city center of sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution, water in the Sviyaga doesn't satisfy norms of bacteriological and chemical indexes. Swimming here can cause allergic reactions and enteric infections. But in spite of all prohibitions citizens swim in the Sviyaga.


Beach in V.I. Lenin Sanatorium in Undory

The internationally known resort - V.I. Lenin Sanatorium in Undory is situated not far from Ulyanovsk on the high Volga bank. A well-equipped beach is situated in 400 meters from the sanatorium. Width of water area in this place reaches 40 kilometers. The water in the beach is very clean, and the territory itself is surrounded by a beautiful coniferous forest park.


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